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Taggie Character Animal Lovie

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Taggie Infant Baby Animal Lovies

These character Taggie blankets are genuine Taggie products and I have permission to sell them.

Yours will be custom embroidered with baby's name and date of birth if desired. Please specify embroidery information in the notes at checkout for the quickest delivery. These are filled like a stuff animal and pudgey -- so I embroider a ribbon and attach it. See photos.

Created by an early childhood educator and mother of three, authentic Taggies are a security blanket based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags.

They are kind of pudgy as they are filled with pellets. If they are very plump and my machine will not embroider directly, I embroider on a label and hand sew that on.

Taggies offer babies and kids a generous assortment of tags which are designed to be both tactile and visually stimulating.

Taggies are available in a variety of soft and cuddly fleece characters and fabrics.

Styles: Sherbet Lamb, Flora Fawn, Molasses Sloth, Harmony Bunny, Patches Pig, Harley Raccoon, Starry Night Teddy, Leaf Elephant

Personalization is included for Taggie Character Animal Lovie when just a name is added. Monograms and Dates can add extra charges.

Personalization Included

Step 1:

Choose Personalization
Choose between Name(s) or Monogram

Select options for Name(s) or Monogram.


Step 2:

Choose Lettering
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Step 3:

Choose Thread

Additional Information and Options

*If this item is a gift, please include gift card information and recipient's name in the "Special Instructions..." section below.

**Rush shipping prices are in addition to standard shipping.
Orders are processed within 48 hours unless notified via e-mail.

(Example: My team colors are purple & gold, if I send you a picture, can you match the thread?)


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