Mini Embroidery Designs for a Little Addition and for Tight Places

These designs are perfect for the small item and for a small addition to tight places. These designs are about 2 inches. We see them on bibs, burpcloths, fancy panties, or where you want a subtle embroidery addition.
Personalization is FREE with purchase of embroidery design. We pair this with the mini fonts.

Click on images for a larger view.

Mini Anchor

MINI01-Mini Anchor

Mini Ballet

MINI02-Mini Ballet

Mini Baseball

MINI03-Mini Baseball

Mini Basketball

MINI04-Mini Basketball

Mini Bear

MINI05-Mini Bear

Mini Bike

MINI06-Mini Bike

Mini Bow Tie

MINI07-Mini Bow Tie

Mini Cement Truck

MINI08-Mini Cement Truck

Mini Cowgirl

MINI09-Mini Cowgirl

Mini Cowgirl Boot

MINI10-Mini Cowgirl Boot

Mini Crab

MINI11-Mini Crab

Mini Dump Truck

MINI12-Mini Dump Truck

Mini Elephant

MINI13-Mini Elephant

Mini Football

MINI14-Mini Football

Mini Fox

MINI15-Mini Fox

Mini Giraffe

MINI16-Mini Giraffe

Mini Horse

MINI17-Mini Horse

Mini Horse Shoes

MINI18-Mini Horse Shoes

Mini Lion

MINI19-Mini Lion

Mini Monkey

MINI20-Mini Monkey

Mini Owl

MINI21-Mini Owl

Mini Porcupine

MINI22-Mini Porcupine

Mini Pretty Bow

MINI23-Mini Pretty Bow

Mini Princess Bow

MINI24-Mini Princess Bow

Mini Sailboat

MINI25-Mini Sailboat

Mini Simple Bow

MINI26-Mini Simple Bow

Mini Soccer Ball

MINI27-Mini Soccer Ball

Mini Tennis Ball

MINI28-Mini Tennis Ball

Mini Tulip

MINI29-Mini Tulip

Mini Volleyball

MINI30-Mini Volleyball

Mini Whale

MINI31-Mini Whale

Mini Baseball Mitt

MINI32-Mini Baseball Mitt

Mini Bat and Ball

MINI33-Mini Bat and Ball

Mini Firetruck

MINI34-Mini Firetruck

Mini Fire Dog

MINI35-Mini Fire Dog

Mini Bouquet

MINI36-Mini Bouquet

Mini Champagne

MINI37-Mini Champagne

Mini Cow

MINI38-Mini Cow

Mini Duck

MINI39-Mini Duck

Mini Sheep

MINI40-Mini Sheep

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