Fabulous Textured Fringe Kids

These Designs have 3 Dimension Fringe embroidered into the design! Embroidery design dimensions are determined by product. Personalization is FREE with purchase of embroidery design. Click on images for larger view.

Fringe Baby Boy

FRI01-Fringe Baby Boy

Fringe Baby Girl

FRI02-Fringe Baby Girl

Fringe Boy

FRI03-Fringe Boy

Fringe Girl Braids

FRI04-Fringe Girl Braids

Fringe Girl Pigtails

FRI05-Fringe Girl Pigtails

Fringe Girl Curls

FRI06-Fringe Girl Curls

Fringe Boy Crewcut

FRI07-Fringe Boy Crewcut

Fringe Dark Skinned Boy

FRI08-Fringe Dark Skinned Boy

Fringe Dark Skinned Girl

FRI09-Fringe Dark Skinned Girl

Fringe Girl Flowers

FRI11-Fringe Girl Flowers

Fringe Girl Softball

FRI12-Fringe Girl Softball

Fringe Girl Beach

FRI13-Fringe Girl Beach

Fringe Girl Dot

FRI14-Fringe Girl Dot

Fringe Girl Party Dress

FRI15-Fringe Girl Party Dress

Fringe Girl Bikini

FRI16-Fringe Girl Bikini

Fringe Girl Bike

FRI17-Fringe Girl Bike

Fringe Boy Bike

FRI18-Fringe Boy Bike

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