Custom Embroidered Personalized Baby Blankets

Any flat item such as baby blankets make good candidates for embroidery. There are many different fabric types for baby blankets such as cotton baby blankets, fleece baby blankets, satin baby blankets, cashmere baby blankets, bamboo baby blankets, wool baby blankets and more. And then there are many different forms of each kind of fabric fiber. Flannel is an example of a cotton baby blanket, but there is also cotton knit. They are all good candidates for custom embroidery but require careful planning and stabilization for best results.


Personalized Cotton Baby Blankets

Known as the "fabric of our lives", cotton has a lot of benefits for babies. It is a breathable fabric with hypoallergenic qualities. It does not trap heat. If you're a mother, chances are you check the label for cotton on most of your child's clothing, blankets, and burp cloths. Parents always want the best for their children, and since cotton is natural, soft, and hypoallergenic, it's the right choice for a lot of mothers.

An example cotton baby blanket with embroidery

Cotton Baby Blankets

Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets


Fleece blanketshave become extremely popular because fleece material is very reliable, soft, and inexpensive. Fleeceblanketsare water repellent and fleece provides great insulation. They wash and dry easily and babies enjoy the fluffiness. Fleece is usually used on baby's carry around blankets and is known for it is use in stuffed animals of course.
Fleece Baby Blankets

Fleece Baby Blankets

Personalized Satin Baby Blankets


Satin baby blankets provide babies with that silky texture they love. Anyone who has seen a baby rub a satiny fabric between the fingers, knows they love that cool sleek feel. The shine of satin has an elegant appeal and the satin these days is extremely washable. The Initial Impressions satin blankets wash beautifully.


Satin Baby Blankets


Personalized Cashmere Baby Blankets

Cashmere, a form of wool, is known for its softness and luxury feel and is more insulating than regular sheep's wool. It is lightweight and moisture wicking without being scratchy. But more than anything, cashmere says "elegance and extravagance" - it is an impressive gift.


Cashmere Baby Blankets


Cashmere Baby Blankets


Personalized Bamboo Baby Blankets


Bamboo is a remarkable and highly versatile natural resource. Bamboo is known for being kind to sensitive skin. It is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and more absorbent than cotton making them excellent against your skin.

Bamboo Baby Blanket


Bamboo Baby Blankets


Personalized Velvet Baby Blankets

Known for its luxurious texture


Velvet Baby Blankets


Velvet Baby Blankets


Personalized Wool Baby Blankets

Most people don't think of wool for baby blankets, but there are benefits. Unlike fleece, wool is a natural fiber. It retains its shape and springs back quickly after stretching and is very durable. It repels moisture and is comfortably warm. People often don't realize that wool baby blankets can be washed easily.


Wool Baby Blankets

Wool Baby Blankets


Personalized Alpaca Baby Blankets

A form of wool. Alpaca wool is anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Alpaca wool has extraordinary thermoregulatory properties, making it an ideal insulator. Thermoregulatory properties mean that alpaca wool keeps you warm in winter but also protects you from the heat in summer. It absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Alpaca wool wicks away moisture avoiding cooling when you are sweating.


Alpaca Baby Blankets

Alpaca Baby Blankets


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