What is Applique and How Do We Do It?

We have some darling appliqué designs, and we'd like to take a moment to explain how they are created.

These designs are created by applying fabric to the surface of the item to be embroidered and then additional embroidery is applied to add detail.

The creative side of applique comes from choosing fabrics to use that mimic the feel of the image being shown. Take, for instance, the Applique Castle. Notice how the surface of the castle actually looks like the stone of a castle. Another good example is the Applique Fish, where the fabric appropriately renders the look of scales on the fish. The key, of course, is the artistic suggestion of the look or texture of the real thing rather than an exact depiction of it.

As you can see, a lot can be done with the choice of fabric to create a look. Another example is the wonderful elephant. Just look at the wrinkles on his skin!

The applique designs for children are shown on the website for the classic applique category, for the girly-girl applique, and those rough and tumble boy applique designs.

Of course, we have many more applique designs than we can possibly show. We can also incorporate your wedding fabrics into applique designs to be applied to various items for a fabulously coordinated set of gifts and keepsakes for you and your wedding party.

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