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What lettering styles are available? Where can I see them?

Many lettering styles are available.

Each of the lettering styles is displayed on the site sewn out in the name of that lettering style. Click here to see the lettering styles. Names are embroidered with the first letter capitalized and the remainder of the name in lower case unless all capitals is requested. The capital letters in the examples are to show what some of them look like. Some styles are only available as capital letters (Block Style and Children's Block, for example). Click here to see a chart with the word "Personalized" sewn out in each of the lettering styles for comparison purposes.

When embroidering on an item that has depth (or "nap" - think of a terry cloth towel), it is advisable to choose a lettering style with wide columns (Open Block is an example) rather than a narrow style (such as Shelley Script) so that the embroidery remains plush and sits on top of the item.

What size will my design and lettering be?

The embroidery field is approximately 5" x 9" - with the design and lettering generally made as large as possible within that field. Some items are too small for these dimensions. In that case the embroidery is done to the scale of the item being embroidered.

How will you sew my monogram?

Monograms generally consist of three initials with the initial of the last name larger and in the middle. A monogram can also be done all one size with the last initial appearing last. At Initial Impressions we assume you want the traditional version, but are happy to provide the modern version. Just be sure to let us know if you prefer the monogram to appear all one size with the last initial last.

What are my available thread colors?

We do not provide a chart of thread colors because of the variation in the way different computers and monitors display color, and because here at Initial Impressions we customize the shade of a given thread color to the item --- (e.g., there are numerous "medium pink" shades). When in doubt, there is the "let Peg choose" option. In this case Peg will select the shade of thread she thinks best compliments the item being embroidered. Alternatively, you are invited to call or email for advice and help. We have hundreds of thread colors.

Tell me about those darling appliqués!

Appliqué is the term for designs that are made with fabric that is applied to the item purchased, with additional embroidery added. The fabric appliquéd will usually be identical to the fabric shown in the photo. Sometimes, minor changes will be made depending on availability.

Initial Impressions will use customer supplied fabric (if suitable) for appliqué to create a truly custom item or to match baby's nursery fabrics. Please call or email for details.

How will you ship my order?

Shipment is generally by priority mail or first class. If sent by priority mail, the purchaser will receive an email with the tracking number. Priority mail is only available for orders mailed within the US. Once the post office confirms delivery of the package, it is deemed delivered. I cannot be responsible for the security of your mailbox.

Could I see a photo of the finished product?

If the item is a gift sent to a third party and you would like to receive an email photo of it, please let Peg know at the time of purchase and she will try to accommodate your request. Photos are generally not available during the holiday rush season.

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