Embroidered Wedding Labels


Many years ago, we specialized in custom personalization for the wedding day.   It began with a patch for the inside bodice of the wedding gown. Photographers capture the special touch in the wedding preparation room when the gown is still hanging from the hook.


Wedding Labels




Patch Style Wedding Gown Labels


Traditionally, the bride uses her maiden name for the label with a monogram because she is not married yet when she dons the gown, but many brides want to use their new name.  For the bride who is conflicted, we offer to include the bride's and groom's name on the label. They come in satin fabric, silk fabric and fabric with lace added

Patch Style Wedding Labels


Ribbon Style Wedding Gown Labels


On popular demand, we then offered ribbon labels for the low profile, slinky gown, so it would not show an outline on the outside of the gown.


Ribbon Style Wedding Labels


Wedding Labels for the Groom

Grooms wanted in on the action, and we added labels for their tie or tuxedo.   This one was featured in Real Simple Weddings in 2010.


Groom's Wedding Tie and Tuxedo Label

Groom's Wedding Label 


Wedding Labels for Father and Mother

Then came keepsakes for the parents of the couple -- mother and father of the bride and mother and father of the groom.  The most popular are the "Dad, I loved you first" heart label


Dad Heart Wedding Tie Label


Dad Heart Wedding Tie Label


Technical Details - Application Instructions

The question often arises on how to apply these labels.  They are easily applied by anyone who can use a needle and some of the labels have an option for iron on.  I include instructions with each order -- and I repeat that here to view before order.


Sew in Style

These are easy to apply.  Just pin the label in the inside of the bodice (top) of the dress or on the tie or tuxedo.  Once pinned in location, just do a whip stitch (like one used to sew up a hem on a dress) to sew it into place. In doing the stitching, take a little bite of the lining fabric of the dress or tie (being careful not to catch the front   fabric in the stitch) and then catch a bite of the label itself keeping a relatively loose tension on the thread. Do this along the edge of the label. It does not take a lot of stitches to hold the label firmly in place.


Iron in Style

Set iron to temperature recommended for the fabric to which you are applying the label.  Remove paper backing and place the heart in the desired location and press down with a hot iron for 10-15 seconds. Let cool completely. Lower iron temperatures may require a longer ironing time.


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