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Towels Embossed by Embroidery

Price Starts at $16.00*
Thumb Embossed Towel Sets

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Embossed Towels

*Price is determined by customer selections from available options
  • Towels Embossed by Embroidery
  • A very thick and plush towel is used to create this embossed special effect. The monogram is scaled to the size of the towel chosen
  • Bath sheet towel size is 35"x68"
  • Bath towel size is 30"x56"
  • Hand towel size is 16"x28"
  • Wash cloth size is 13"x13"
  • Price includes each towel embossed by embroidery with your one letter of choice
  • You also have the choice of simply embroidering a name on the towels instead of the embossing and using a lettering style insted of the embossing. If you choose a lettering style, I will use that for your name or monogram.
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you
  • Price includes each towel embossed by embroidery with your one letter of choice


  • Four Towel Set (bath sheet, bath towel, hand and wash): $89
  • Three Towel Set (bath, hand and wash): $55
  • Bath Sheet: $38
  • Bath Towel: $24
  • Hand Towel: $19
  • Wash Cloth: $16

Personalization is included for Towels Embossed by Embroidery when just a name is added. Monograms and Dates can add extra charges.

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Personalization Included

Step 1:

Choose Personalization
Choose between Name(s) or Monogram

Select options for Name(s) or Monogram.


Step 2:

Choose Lettering
If you chose Name(s), pick your lettering. If you chose Monogram, choose your style of monogram

Step 3:

Choose Thread

Additional Information and Options

*If this item is a gift, please include gift card information and recipient's name in the "Special Instructions..." section below.

**Rush shipping prices are in addition to standard shipping.
Orders are processed within 48 hours unless notified via e-mail.

(Example: My team colors are purple & gold, if I send you a picture, can you match the thread?)


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