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Embroidered Mohair Throw Blanket

Price Starts at $290.00
Mohair Blanket

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Mohair Throw
Ashwood Mohair Throw
Cobalt Mohair Throw
Cotton Candy Mohair Throw
Cranberry Mohair Throw
Cream Mohair Throw
Dark Chocolate Mohair Throw
Fern Mohair Throw
Flax Mohair Throw
Glacier Mohair Throw
Hibiscus Mohair Throw
Honeydew Mohair Throw
Hot Pink Mohair Throw
Indigo Mohair Throw
Lake Mohair Throw
Lemon Mohair Throw
Lilac Mohair Throw
Lime Mohair Throw
Mango Mohair Throw
Mulberry Mohair Throw
Navy Mohair Throw
Olive Mohair Throw
Pesto Mohair Throw
Pistachio Mohair Throw
Provence Mohair Throw
Raven Mohair Throw
Russet Mohair Throw
Scarlet Mohair Throw
Mohair Sea Spray Throw
Sienna Mohair Throw
Silver Mohair Throw
Sky Mohair Throw
Slate Mohair Throw
Snow Mohair Throw
Storm Mohair Throw
TeaRose Mohair Throw
Turquoise Mohair Throw


  • Mohair Throw Blanket
  • Woven in New Zealand from 100% pure fine Mohair fiber,
  • Absolutely beautiful brushed mohair throw features a luxurious high pile and soft hand.
  • The exceptional qualities of Mohair fiber combined with masterful craftsmanship create this heirloom-quality accent throw.
  • Its natural warmth, elegance and luxury is a gorgeous addition to beautiful rooms.
  • An exceptional gift, perfect for weddings, special occasions, corporate gift
  • A huge 51" W X 72" L 100% Pure Mohair
  • Available in so many colors!
  • Imported from New Zealand
  • Embroiders beautifully
  • Available colors: Ashwood, Cobalt, Cotton Candy, Cranberry, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Fern, Flax, Glacier, Hibiscus, Honeydew, Hot Pink, Indigo, Lake, Lemon, Lilac, Lime, Mango, Mulberry, Navy, Olive, Pesto, Pewter, Pistachio, Provence, Raven, Russet, Scarlet, Sea Spray, Sienna, Silver, Sky, Slate, Snow, Storm, Tearose, and Turquoise
  • Care and cleaning of Mohair:  Mohair is a natural, luxurious fiber that dries well and resists shrinking.  Unlike wool, mohair has no scales.  A vigorous shake will dislodge most dirt particles.
  • Washing:  Soak in tepid water, gently agitate by hand to dislodge any dirt particles.  Do not agitate unduly.  Rinse in clean, cool water and spin to rid excess water.  Hang over a line or lay flat to dry.  Mohair dries quite quickly.  When dry, a brisk shake or bush with a hair brush will restore the pile.  DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.  Can be dry cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner.



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