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Toothfairy Pillowcase

Price Starts at $38.00
Toothfairy Pillowcase

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Toothfairy Pillowcase
  • Keepsake Toothfairy Pillowcase
  • Initial Impressions Exclusive!
  • White 100% cotton standard size pillowcase
  • Pillowcase is decorated with white sparkle cotton pocket for tooth
  • Embroidery of tooth fairy carrying a bag of baby teeth and personalization adorns the pocket
  • Extra fun idea - use the fabric pen (included) to note all the dates for tooth fairy visits and the circumstances of the tooth loss on the pillow itself
  • Available in pink or blue tooth fairy dress and pocket edge. Contact Peg in the Special Instructions below to customize fairy's hair and skin tone and change her dress color, if desired.
  • Note that pillowcase needs to be heated in the dryer after decoration and before laundering to set the fabric pen ink
  • $38.00, complete
  • Availability - in stock and personalized just for you

Personalization is included for Toothfairy Pillowcase when just a name is added. Monograms and Dates can add extra charges.

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